Eric van Hemert


Oilpaintings and mixed feelings on canvas



As grandson of  painter Anton van Hemert and son of television director  Willy van Hemert, he gave early evidence of the passion  to draw. On the back of the old scripts of his father he drew mainly cars of all shapes and sizes; always so, that you could see the inside. He remaines intrigued by what’s behind the façade .

At a very young age, he was thrown back on himself and by this fact he could highly develop  his imagination.

To draw is initially an escape from reality. He has the urge to show another world, a world where everything is possible and where the unexpected plays a prominent role. This has never changed .

Eric van Hemert don’t want to be called a realist. For him it is important to show from recognition, a second reality. His work has affinity with surrealism. What you think you see is not the same as what there really is.

For Eric van Hemert painting means following associations. The adventure of painting is just as important as the final result. That's to say, there must be a subdued tension in the painting. If that's the case, Eric van Hemert considers the painting as succeeded.   



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